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How To Winterize Your Boat With Winter Boat Storage in Oklahoma

During the colder seasons, it’s important to protect the life of your boat. Taking the first step to move your boat out of the water and into winter boat storage in Oklahoma isn’t the only precaution you should take. Winterizing your boat not only extends the life of your boat but can save you money and time on repairs when you could be enjoying the water.

Basic Winterizing Tips

Before beginning the winterizing process you should take two important steps. First, use your owner’s manual as a guide to start the process. Next, create a checklist of the items you need to complete. There are many parts that need to be addressed when winterizing your boat, so don’t be afraid to call a professional for assistance or to complete the process for you. The following are the big items that every boat owner should cover.

One thing to note is that suggestions of engine oils, waxes and other protectants and cleaners differ depending on boat make and model, again, this is where the owner’s manual becomes your most important guide.


Replace the engine oil after flushing the engine with water. This will help to avoid a chemical reaction in the engine that can cause damage and degradation to the engine. Flush and drain the engine with water, an expensive mistake is not letting all the water drain out. Frozen water in the engine can cause major damage to the engine. As the engine is running, spray fogging oil inside the carburetor to coat the interior of the engine.

Fuel Protection

There are two main thoughts when it comes to boat fuel left over the winter. First, you can choose to keep your boat’s gas tank nearly full in the winter. If the tank is full it won’t allow in any extra air and keep it free of water buildup. Instead you might want to add a fuel stabilizer to protect against residue and finding separated fuel once springtime has arrived.

The Exterior

First, clean the exterior of your boat. Check for anything that has attached itself on the bottom of the boat as well as any cracks in the exterior. Treat the exterior with a wax to protect it from residue that settles on it during the winter months in even the best dry storage facility.

The Interior

Wipe down all the surfaces and remove any valuables from your boat. Use a boat moisture control product to keep away unwanted mildew throughout the winter months. Even if it’s cold outside, mildew can build up on the interior surfaces of watercraft.

Winter Boat Storage in Oklahoma

All these things are important but it’s equally necessary to find good winter boat storage in Oklahoma. Storing your boat inside a facility protects the interior and exterior of your watercraft saving you money and time wasted in the boat repair shop. At Lake Murray Marina we can accommodate a vast range of sizes and models of watercraft.

Our boat storage facility features HydroHoist boat lifts, a leader in the industry that has been in business for over 50 years.

Dry Storage Size and Pricing Chart

Size: ’13 x 40′

Price: $1,500

Ideal For: Ski boat, Pontoon boat, Jet Skis, Cruiser


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