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Semi-Annual Boat Maintenance Checklist

Being consistent with the upkeep of your boat will help to keep it running for years to come. This helpful semi-annual boat maintenance checklist will keep you from expensive surprises by providing you a guide to follow for consistent maintenance.

The Engine and Fuel System
  • Check for tank contamination and any leaks
  • Fill lines should drip directly to the tank
  • Clean out the fuel tank to avoid any harmful elements like water or dirt settling in the tank
  • Examine engine filters and change when dirty
  • Review engine cases for damage
  • Make sure system is properly grounded and bonded
  • Examine Personal Floatation Devices to ensure they are in good condition with working parts such as straps and buckles
  • Check Fire Extinguisher “Change By” date, tamper seal and that there are no signs of physical damage
  • Inspect fire extinguishers to be sure they are the required type for your vessel and are tagged properly
  • Confirm vessel surfaces are clean to avoid falls
  • Confirm rails are smooth and secured to a surface
Ground Tackle
  • Inspect that the ground tackle is secured to boat and is proper length
  • Ensure that at least two anchors are present on boat
  • Confirm connections are secure and free of debris
  • Confirm batteries are stored with protective covers to protect from moisture
Weathering Protection
  • Wax fiberglass surfaces
  • Be sure exposed fastenings, shafts, rudder fittings, etc. are free of signs of corrosion
  • Check that zincs are present to protect underwater metals
  • Paint applicable surfaces for further corrosion protection
Through Hull
  • Check for corrosion
  • Confirm penetration areas are fitted with the appropriate seacocks
  • Clean all through-hole fittings
  • Use only marine-approved wiring
  • Wires should be protected by fuses or circuit breakers
  • Keep wires and exhaust system apart

Personalize this list further depending on how often you perform routine maintenance on your watercraft and what type of boat you are operating. Discover Boating offers a longer semi-annual boat maintenance checklist if you want to get more detailed in the process.

What might be the most important point to your maintenance schedule is planning out where and how you are going to store your boat. Lake Murray Marina has many wet and dry slips as well as dry storage facilities to fit your needs. Find out how you can add Lake Murray Marina to your boat care schedule.


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