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Stay Safe and Have Fun – Lake Murray Boating Tips

Even the most veteran of boaters sometimes need to brush up on their knowledge of boat and lake safety. Use these Lake Murray boating tips to understand the proper precautions to take when spending a day on the lake.

Obey the Rules

A day on the lake shouldn’t be a day for breaking the rules. A great rule of thumb is to thoroughly review the boat safety rules in your state at the beginning of each boating season to regain familiarity and to be informed of any new regulations that might have come into effect in the last year.

Get Familiar With the Lake

How deep is the lake where you are boating? Knowing the depth across Lake Murray is important information for two reasons, the proper depth will keep your boat from scraping the bottom of the lake and causing damage and any swimmers in your party will have an accurate idea for both diving and long distances.

Safety Measures While Driving a Boat

There is nothing like a relaxing boat ride in the warm Oklahoma sun, but just as riding in or operating any large vehicle, you want to be careful.

A few things to always remember:
  • Watch your speed in and out of wake areas.
  • Drinking and driving can impair your judgement and put other boaters at risk.
  • Stay seated while the boat is moving.
  • Make sure everyone in your boat is wearing a lifejacket at all times.

At our Marina, Lake Murray Boating Tips and Safety are very important to us. Before you boat, review these tips and play it safe and fun.


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